Metrics That Matter: How Australian Organisations Measure and Report Recruiting Data

'HR, like many key business functions, is becoming more data driven as recruitment leaders use analytics to guide decision making and help increase efficiency, reduce costs or manage risk. We wanted to understand how Australian organisations track recruitment activity today and report back to the business. Our study focuses on two of the most commonly reported recruitment metrics—cost per hire and source of hire. As the #1 job site in the world, Indeed has the data to understand what attracts great candidates to jobs. It is a combination of both science and art - employers must use data to inform their recruiting strategy and creativity to capture the attention of job seekers.'

Matt Burney
Employer Insights Strategist, Indeed

Indeed partnered with ATC Events to create this report. A range of employer organisations participated in this study—from those without a firm grasp of their costs, to those in diverse global talent markets that monitored metrics and reported information to relevant business units. In terms of size and location, participants had an average headcount of 1,000 to 5,000 employees, and recruited for roles across the country.

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